RELEASE BLITZ – Tantrum by Piper Frost

Title: Tantrum
A Kenshaw Ranch Novel
Author: Piper Frost
Genre: Western Romance
Release Date: April 27, 2018


My luck’s never been the best when it comes to anything
other than women. Hell, even women deal me a bad hand every now and then. Like
the time I slept with my boss’s wife. That was my last day of employment in Sin
I’m Chase Haring and if you ask my friends they’ll tell you
I don’t have the best track record. 

Now that I’m back, I’m taking it in stride. I’ve got my
tattoo shop. I’ve got the bar. And I’ve had damn near any woman I wanted in
this small town. That means I want out of here for good. 

When a smiling redhead walks into the bar, I know I
definitely haven’t had her.


This town doesn’t create people like her. 

One sexy night in a haunted house is all it takes. And now
we’re inseparable and thoughts of leaving for good become less

She’s what I need in my life.  

Positive. Refreshing.

Interest moves to lust and straight to love before anyone
expects it. Before I even get to know any layer but the happy-go-lucky girl she
lets everyone see. She’s refusing to let the negative world get to her. She’s
also refusing to forget the saying ‘everything happens for a reason’. That’s
why when I walk away, she watches me go without a blink of an eye.  

I’m good at a tantrum, especially when you rip up my heart
like only she’s capable of doing. I’m bad at figuring out how to move on,
especially when it’s Kaydence I have to move on from.

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Author Bio
Thelma and Louise. Boris and Natasha. H.Q. Frost and M. Piper. When these
two teamed up to form Piper Frost, they never knew how amazing it would be
working together to create wonderful masterpieces of joy, tears, humor, and
heartbreak. Piper’s favorite part about Frost? The fact that she puts up with
her. Period. Also the fact that she makes her writing better every damn time.
She’s friggin’ brilliant. Frosts favorite thing about Piper? Frost loves the
fact that when they get together to create it becomes a tornado of brilliance
that Frost couldn’t be more grateful to be caught up in with Piper. Piper’s
artistic abilities and mad skills make Frost so proud to be associated with her
(it makes her look good too). Also if Piper didn’t adult for the both of them,
not much would get done.

What they both know as true, however, is that creating babies together
has been the best adventure either of them has ever been on.

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Piper Frost

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