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Faded Gray Lines by Cora Kenborn IS AVAILABLE NOW!

“An Addictive, compelling read. Cora Kenborn has woven an intricate web where the heat smolders and the twists keep you turning the pages. In one word, magnificent.”

– USA Today Bestselling Author Natasha Knight.

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Love is the deadliest lie.


I’m jaded. The truth is a bitter pill to swallow.

My first taste of love was my first betrayal.

Now, all I want is to start over, but they want my life.

Everyone says all’s fair in love and war.

Except I’m done playing fair.

I’m tired of turning my back on his darkness when it’s the light that always burns me.

I’ve danced with the devil. Now it’s time to become one.


I’m a criminal. Let’s not sugarcoat the truth.

Her morals never had a chance in my corrupt world.

Now, all I want is to forget her, but they want her soul.

Loyalty is its own reward where I come from.

Except she’s become the prize.

They’ve taken my shining star and dimmed her light.

Some say I’m a monster. They haven’t seen anything yet.

This is a dark mafia romance STANDALONE.


“I see you’re still an innocent little lamb.”

“I’m far from innocent,” I hissed. “And you’re one to talk. Don’t hand me that ‘shareholder of RVC Enterprises’ bullshit my brother tried to sell me. I know exactly who you are.”

He didn’t react to my taunt like I thought he would. On the contrary, he angled his nose between my earlobe and the top of my jaw, tracing a line down to my chin. “Still believing there are only shades of black and white? Didn’t what happened prove to you there’s an entire gray area between the two? Your moral codes and government laws won’t save you here. You’ve stepped over the line and crossed into my world. Welcome to the den of depravity, little lamb.”

I shivered at his touch and his words. “Has this always been your world?”

Without warning, he dipped his nose into my neck and inhaled hard. “You still smell like a meadow,” he groaned. “You have no idea how frustrating it is to smell wildflowers and have your cock and your heart ache at the same time. You broke me, Star.”

His admission gutted me, and although I wanted to hold onto my anger, I couldn’t. Just as I started to tell him I’d been in irreparable pieces for four years, he released his hold on me and turned around.

Shocked, I watched as he reached for the door. “You’re just leaving me?”

He paused but never looked over his shoulder. “I want to see if it’s as easy for me as it was for you.”

“You don’t know anything about me or what happened.”

“You’re right. I don’t,” he said quietly. “I trusted the person I thought I knew.”

“Well, I trusted everyone,” I seethed, betrayals I’d sworn to never speak of again filling my head. “I’ll never make that mistake again.”

That got his attention, and he twisted at the waist, the earlier heat in his eyes now dull. “You have no choice, Miss Harcourt. You’ve gotten yourself into a mess I have to clean up. From where I’m standing, I’m the only one you can trust.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Interesting. You don’t want me to call you Star or Leighton or Miss Harcourt. I’d call you mi amor, but that term was used out of affection, and we both know that’s long gone. However, I’m sure there are a few names more fitting to your behavior I could come up with if you prefer.”

“Don’t you dare get self-righteous with me, Matty,” I warned, pointing a shaking finger at him. “You want to talk about trust and promises, but you didn’t show up that night, and you never looked for me. Why?”

I waited. For vindication. For healing. For an answer to the question that kept me awake night after night. Instead, he ignored me and turned to leave.

Something in me snapped.

“Answer me, damn it!” Grabbing the metal soap dispenser next to the faucet, I hurled it across the room. It slammed into the door inches from his head, denting the wood and crashing to the floor.

“My name is Mateo,” he said, staring at the pink ooze spilling from the cracked top in the dispenser. “And life is sacrifice, Leighton. Let this be a lesson—the only person you should ever trust is yourself.” Kicking the dispenser out of the way, he flung the door open and slammed it behind him.

With the weight of our confrontation hitting me, I slumped backward, sitting on the edge of the sink again. Balling my fists, I pressed them against my eyes and let the tears fall. The more I cried, the more I shook.

Damn him. Just…damn him.

When I got in my car yesterday, I planned for Brody’s reaction when I eventually told him about my deceit. I planned for my family to eventually hate me when they learned of all the sins I’d committed in the name of love. I planned for a life of continually looking over my shoulder, wondering when the Carrera Cartel would take their revenge on me. Not once did I plan on the only man I’d ever given my heart to showing up after four years and blowing everything to hell.

We were supposed to be the perfect love story. Instead, we ended up a tragedy that broke every rule.

Although it is best read after Blurred Red Lines – now available!

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About the Author:

International bestselling author Cora Kenborn writes twisted romances about damaged bad boys and feisty heroines. She promises her readers a happily ever after, although she may or may not take them on an emotional rollercoaster before giving it to them. (Okay, she totally will.)

A Southern girl from North Carolina, Cora says “y’all” way too much and has a lifelong addiction to sweet tea. She refuses to “adult” without coffee, thinks pajamas are acceptable daywear, and considers note-taking during true crime shows to be perfectly normal. On the rare occasion that Cora has free time, she spends it avoiding laundry and convincing her family that Hot Pockets are an acceptable dinner.

Oh, and autocorrect thinks she’s obsessed with ducks.

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