RELEASE BLITZ & BOOK REVIEW: Calla’s Kitchen by Teresa Crumpton

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Calla Bond needs a rebound, and unfortunately so does her cooking. The chef and restaurateur lost her edge right about the time she found her fiance in bed with another woman. For the last year, the only thing saving her restaurant has been her family of friends willing to pick up the slack while she nursed a deeply broken heart. Now, however, Calla’s nearly out of credit with her closest pals, and they’re determined to help her heal her spirit and find her cooking mojo again.

Wes Westminster adores Calla, but his close relationship with Calla’s brother – not to mention Calla’s engagement – has ensured the two have been strictly friends. Even now, with no fiance in his way, Wes isn’t ready to jeopardize both of those friendships just to pursue the girl of his dreams. But Wes will have to make peace with his inner conflict soon, because Calla’s restaurant family is setting her up, and Wes is the one pushing her to move on.

Calla’s Kitchen may be read and enjoyed as a standalone contemporary romance!

About Teresa

Teresa Crumpton writes dark supernatural thrillers, along with contemporary romance, poetry and short stories. She started writing when she was young, never thinking one day she’d turn her passion into a career. Teresa’s first novel, Her Legacy, is a haunting ghost story with a little rumored family history within the pages.

Teresa obtained two degrees, Government with an Emphasis in Legal Studies, and English Lit, hoping to get into law school. In 2004 she married the man of her dreams. As they moved around the country her dreams changed. She once again went back to school, this time obtaining a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and her writing became not only her passion, but also the fulfillment of a promise to her father before he passed.

Teresa grew up in Cincinnati and Dallas/Ft. Worth, making her a hybrid Midwest and southern girl. She has five siblings (all half or step), which always made for a boisterous Christmas while traveling.

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Review 2

5 Star Review by Jodi for Ruby Red Romance Review

Calla and Wes are amazing. I love them to pieces. I’m new to Teresa Crumpton and I’m happy to report she has a new fan. I loved every single second of this story. Calla has been in a slump since her douche canoe of an ex cheated on her. Deciding she’s had enough of her slump, she starts to move forward. Calla is strong. Far stronger than she gives herself credit for. I love her spirit. I love how hard she wants to move forward, but isn’t exactly sure how to do that.

Wes, Wes, Wes, he wants what is best for Calla, which is obviously him, but he’s to stubborn to put himself out there. He wants Calla, but pushing her to put herself out there may just hurt him more than her thought. Wes is sweet. I get where he’s coming from not wanting to be the rebound, but damn man. Get it together. I wanted to slap him a few times. And I’ll admit, my heart broke for Calla at times. Men can be so stupid!

In the end Calla got her HEA. I love all the secondary characters in this story. They each made me smile so much. I can’t want to see what Teresa Crumpton has in store next for this group.

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