Release Blitz & Book Review: The Ultimate Agent by Derek Borne

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The Ultimate Agent 2 by Derek Borne
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The Ultimate Agent - book two - Copy 1


The best superhero spies in the biz are back for more banter, action, and intrigue. Powers, gadgets and now hybrid creatures, this fun summer read will have you on the edge of your lounge-chair! Amazon Link:

Enemies - Hero - Cover



Your Mission:
Reconvene with The Ultimate Agent, Specialist, and their team as they uncover a threat of biblical proportions.

Agent #772 – Dr. Isaiah Manning

Isaiah Manning
A reclusive geneticist with ground-breaking concepts and technology is recruited to the Ultimate Agency, making it possible to create endless advancements which could change the world for the better.

Agent #125 – Spencer Raymond

Spencer Raymond
A low-key yet crucial operative for the agency is thrust into a life-changing assignment. Further details are classified.

Mission Data – Confidential

Agent Devon Bertrand and Dr. Jade Hathaway take a new step in their relationship. Due to unexpected circumstances, Dr. Brett Gallagher faces new responsibilities which may hinder his ability to protect the innocent at full capacity. Agent Valeriya Yashin and her dynamic abilities are now an invaluable part of the team. Unite with agents old and new as they fight to eradicate those responsible for terrorizing the world with unfathomable creatures.

Perfect - Cover

Monstrous Creature

Author Bio

Derek Borne lives in Paris, Canada (thought it was going to say France, right?) with his wife and moody bearded dragon Ziggy. When he isn’t writing superhero spy novels, he’s selling olive oil and balsamics, belting out Phantom of the Opera, playing guitar, and watching Marvel superhero movies and TV shows, playing hockey, and making movie references daily.

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Review 2

5 STAR Review by Jodi for Ruby Red Romance Review

I loved this book. I had the privilege of reading the first book in this series. I loved every single second of this book. If you love superheros this book is totally for you. This book is full of action. I fell in love with the characters new and old. I don’t want to give anything away about this story, but I will say, be ready for the epic battle.

While is series isn’t your typical love story, it is in a way. It’s about the love of you have for family. Not just those who are family by blood, but those who you make your family. I love the idea of that and in this book, there a strong sense of family.

This book is great. I sincerely hope you will check it out.

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