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Foster An Author: Scarlett Black

I love a good teaser! Scarlett Black​ gives us two amazing teasers for Nothing lasts forever!!! #FosterAnAuthor2018 #FAA4 #FAA2018


“Princess, I have all your needs right here.” I step back to look down at my dick and catch her eyes staring at my dick too when I look back to her flushed face. ”But it isn’t happening tonight. The first time I take your lips,” I run my thumb across her bottom lip and bring her eyes back to mine, “I will take your body. Just be warned, Dana, when you do kiss me, you will be mine. I would rather take you sober, but don’t mistake, I’ll take you any way I can. You. Are. Mine. You getting yourself drunk and high to keep me from you and my bed won’t work. You’re still sleeping with me, and in my bed.”

#BattleBornMC #AxlAndDana #NothingLastsForever #AuthorScarlettBlack #KindleUnlimited

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“I will consume all of you,” I warn, “I am not the same man as before, Dana, there’s a darker version that was never there before. If you take me, you take the demon that’s inside me too. I don’t want it to take away from your light soul.”

#NothingLastsForever #BattleBornMC #AuthorScarlettBlack #KindleUnlimited #AxlAndDana

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Join Scarlett Black’s readers group!!! All kinds of fun to be had in there 🖤

#BattleBornMC #BettingonForever #NothingLastsForever #AuthorScarlettBlack #KindleUnlimited

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