Get Kissed NOW! The New Years Eve Kisses Collection is available now! Each book in the collection is a STANDALONE.


3....2....1....KISS. Join 11 best selling authors in celebrating the best way to start the new year: with a kiss!

Each book will be a separate release and will feature a NYE Kiss.

FEATURES THE FOLLOWING AUTHORS: Shantel Tessier Tracie Douglas Sonya Jesus Mayra Statham Winter Travers Geri Glenn Teresa Crumpton Melanie Codina Lisa B Kamps Felicia Fox Kristen Hope Mazzola

5 STAR REVIEW BY Jodi for Ruby Red Romance Review

I had the pleasure of reading a couple of these amazing stories. First I want to say, I loved B.A.K.E. by Teresa Crumpton. I loved getting to check in with everyone. I loved watching what happened on NYE. I can’t wait for more from these amazing characters. I loved First Last Kiss from Kristen Hope Mazzola. I can’t wait for this new series. Just the preview had me wanting so much more. I hope we get more Gret! And finally Covered by a Kiss by Lisa B Kamps was so amazing. I’ve not had the privilege of reading the start of this story, but I definitely want to know how it ends.

I loved this collection and I think you will as well. Please check it out.

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