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Release Day & Book Review: BELLA by Mj Fields

We’re celebrating the release of Bella by MJ Fields! One-click yours today at a special release day price of $2.99!

Title: Bella
Series: Men of Steel 6
Author: MJ Fields
Release Date: July 13, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Designer: Jersey Girl Design
Model: Andrew England 
Goodreads #TBR ➜

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Living by my father’s rules has never been easy.
Who does he think he is anyway? Jase Steel has broken every rule he tries to make me live by.

The Four Ds:

No Dating (Thanks to Carly and Momma Joe, that was nixed at sixteen.)
No Drinking (Shots of Jack at prom.)
No Drugs (College frat party and a bear-shaped bong named Smokey.)
The last one though, that last D, ruined my virgin skin, my relationship with my father, and changed my whole life.
No Decorating.

I should have listened to him … but I didn’t.

Tag — I’m it.

About the Author:
USA Today bestselling author MJ Fields write books that scorch pages and melt hearts.
Her style is raw, gritty and authentic.
Love an alpha and a strong heroine? She does too.

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5+ STAR Review by Jodi for Ruby Red Romance Review

So…here’s the thing…I love MJ Fields. In my eyes, she really can do no wrong. My love for all things Steel grows and grows with each and every book. Dare I say…Bella is the one Steel I’m dying to know more about. She’s had Jase in her life for several years, but he had things rough in the beginning. I wanted to know how those years shaped Bella. What type of person she became. We all know she’s a bada$$…she’s a Steel. What I wanted to know if how having a hot as hell dad and three equally hot uncles made her who she was/is. In true Steel fashion, Bella is everything I wanted and so much more. Little Bell is tough, she’s strong, she’s determined, but most of all she’s kind. There are so many parts of this story that stood out for me. I loved the interaction between the Steel kids. I loved that she’s stepped into the role of protector. Bella is the first Steel kid…so all the others look up to her. 

I loved seeing Bella be strong and determined. I loved seeing her fight for what she believed in. I loved that she was also good and kind. She could have turned her back on those who were ugly to her, but she didn’t. There’s a way in life to be strong and stand up for yourself and your morals, but still be kind and not look like a fool doing all of it at the same time…Bella has that. But again, I think that’s just a Steel thing. 

I love Tag. I love the man he is. I love that he doesn’t shy away from his responsibilities. I love that he wants better for himself and those he loves. I love that he really is a good man with a troubled past. I love that he stands up for Bella, even when that means coming face to face with some pissed off Steel’s. I don’t want to give anything away, but I love that he takes care of Bella…even when candy gets the best of her (Read the book! This might be the funniest thing ever! I might have laughed until I was crying).

I started my love for MJ with the Steel series. My love for her has only grown. Knowing that Bella came out on the anniversary of Jase, just seems right. I feel like I’m right at home with these men and women. I love watching the family grow and become more. None of this would be possible with MJ and her amazing talent. Bella is a beautifully written story and I look forward to so much more from the Steel family. Forever Steel!

By Jodi

Blogger of romance books. Reader of all. I love reading and want to share that love with you all. Romance is my nitch, but I will read just about anything. By day, I wear a different cape, I'm a Nurse. I love my job and helping others.

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