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RELEASE BLITZ: Depraved by Bella J

Title: Depraved
Series: American Street Kings #1
Author: Bella J.
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense/MC
Release Date: July 17, 2019


Obsession.It’s an ugly thing.

It consumesyou. Controls you. Dictates your every move.

You can tryto fight it, try to resist. But its stronger than you. It always wins.

The day Ifirst saw her, obsession took root inside me. Suddenly there was nothing else.Just her.

Myobsession left me no choice. I had to have her.

No matterthe cost.
No matterthe risk.
In the endshe will be mine.

Untilthen…I wait. 

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Chapter 1


Midnight. The witching hour. The time evil came out to play. It was alsothe time when they arrived. The roar of engines sliced through the silence ofnight and set my heart racing. My skin tingled, and heat spread through me likewildfire.
It was him. The man I’d been watching from my bedroom window ever sincethey started coming around. He would come once a week, and always aroundmidnight. Three motorcycles would be parked in the dark out front, and I wouldwatch as he and two other men made their way to our front door.
Leather cuts, torn jeans, and shit-kicker boots set them apart from usand our designer label clothing. Even in the dark they looked mean and callous.
One of them had a clean-shaven head, and the other short hair, cutneatly. But him? He had longer hair. Dark—the same color as midnight—and itsettled just below his shoulders. It was never styled, never neatly put inplace, but always disheveled. There was this thing he did with his hair aftertaking off his helmet, pushing his fingers through the strands and pulling itback. It was like he tried to make it seem more…chaotic. Messed up. Perfect.
From the second floor of our house, it was easy to see his frame wasbigger than the other two. Long body, broad shoulders, denim jeans clinging tothick thighs. During the last year, I had committed every inch of his frame tomemory. Thinking about him. Fantasizing…my stranger in the dark.
His weekly visits were one of my father’s many secrets. A well-respectedpolice commissioner’s reputation would be ruined if the public knew about histies with one of New York’s most notorious motorcycle gangs. I never couldfigure out what kind of business my dad would have with these men. But while Istared from my window at the man in the shadows, I didn’t really care. The waymy heart kept racing, my stomach filled with a kind of excitement I’d neverfelt before, I knew I had grown addicted to it. The thrill of watching him,studying him…desiring him.
He never looked around when he walked up to the front door. Under the dimlight that came from the porch, I could make out the contour of his face andthe shadow of his beard. But everything about him screamed business.Determination. Danger. Every step he took was calculated, confident, andundeniably dominant. He was the alpha, the leader—even I could see that.
The weekly visits usually lasted about an hour, maybe less. And I wouldwait by the window with so much expectation from the prospect of catchinganother glimpse of him, because this was the exciting part. The part where heleft. It was the part I loved the most.
The front door would open, and first I’d see their shadows falling on thewell-manicured lawn and cobble walkway. I would lean to the side of the window,my heart thumping erratically inside my chest…waiting…anticipating.
Then he would appear, his back toward me. The cut he wore told me who hewas, a member of the American Street Kings—a wicked skull with the Americanflag proudly displayed on the leather. It was beautiful and threatening at thesame time.
He’d reach his Harley, and I would straighten, my heart wanting to crawlout of my throat. My stomach would turn into a thousand knots within a splitsecond as I watched him throw his cigarette to the ground, pressing on thelittle yellow coal with his boot. He would turn his head, glancing over hisshoulder in my direction. Then, finally, the moment I had been waiting for eversince I heard the roar of their motorcycles coming down our driveway.
The moment when he turned around and looked right at me. I swallowedhard, equal parts excitement and fear running rampant inside me, but I refusedto look away because it was all there. It was there, in his eyes. I could seeit all the way from the second floor. The promise. The vow…the warning.
He would come for me. One day. Whether I wanted him to or not.

Author Bio

All the wayfrom Cape Town, South Africa, Bella J lives for the days when she’s able toretreat to her writer’s cave where she can get lost in her little pretend worldof romance, love, and insanely hot bad boys.

Bella J is a Hybrid Author with both Self-Published and Traditional Publishedwork. Even though her novels range from drama, to comedy, to suspense, it’s thedark, twisted side of romance she loves the most.

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