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RELEASE BLITZ: Kiss My Cupcake by Helena Hunting

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“A laugh-out-loud romance full of charm, wit and magic. A thoroughly delicious read.” –LJ Shen, USA Today bestselling author

Kiss My Cupcake, an all-new witty, opposites-attract standalone romance from New York Times bestselling author Helena Hunting is available now!

9781538734674_KissMyCupcake_TR_CVR_V2-page-001 (1)

Blaire Calloway has planned every Instagram-worthy moment of her cupcake and cocktails shop launch down to the tiniest detail. What she didn’t plan on? Ronan Knight and his old-school sports bar next door opening on the very same day. He may be super swoony, but Blaire hasn’t spent years obsessing over buttercream and bourbon to have him ruin her chance at success.

From ax throwing (his place) to frosting contests (hers), Blaire and Ronan are constantly trying to one-up each other in a battle to win new customers. But with every clash, there’s also an undeniable chemistry. When an even bigger threat to their business comes to town, they’re forced to call a temporary time-out on their own war and work together. And the more time Blaire spends getting to know the real Ronan, the more she wonders if it’s possible to have her cupcake and eat it too.


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About Helena Hunting


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of PUCKED, Helena Hunting lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her incredibly tolerant family and two moderately intolerant cats. She writes contemporary romance ranging from new adult angst to romantic sports comedy.

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Release Blitz and Book Review: RECKLESS KISS by Tia Louis


Reckless Love by Tia Louise is LIVE!

One sensual touch; one reckless kiss. They say stay away from him. I say try and stop me…

I love you too much to hate you…

Angelica Treviño was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.

I wanted to make her smile, but I had no idea when she did, she’d steal my heart.

Sunset eyes, waves of golden-brown hair, cute little butt…

I’m ready to meet the family and put a ring on it.

Instead, I’m on the wrong end of a gun, her older brother threatening to kill me.

It all started with a kiss…

Deacon Dring is a cocky rich boy with ocean-blue eyes, sexy brown hair, and a chiseled body.

Soft lips that melt my knees, that melt everything.

As a child, my family said he was bad.

They made me promise never to see him again.

But one touch of his hand, one reckless kiss, and I broke that vow…

Many times.

Now we’re adults, and the price of lying is more than I’m willing to pay.

They say we can’t be together. I say try and stop us.

(RECKLESS KISS is a stand-alone, forbidden, billionaire romance about two families who hate each other and the boy + girl who choose to love in spite of their violent past. No cheating. No cliffhanger.)




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Tia Louise is the USA Today bestselling, award-winning author of When We Touch, the “Bright Lights,” “One to Hold,” and “Dirty Players” series, and co-author of the #4 Amazon bestseller The Last Guy.

After being a teacher, a book editor, a journalist, and finally a magazine editor, she started writing love stories and never stopped.

Louise lives in the Midwest with her trophy husband, two teenage geniuses, and one grumpy cat.

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Release Blitz and Book Review: DARE TO TEMPT by Carly Phillips

Release Date: August 4

He’s a smooth talking jock in trouble.  

She’s the solution to his problems.

Love is the last thing they expected to find.

Damon Prescott had it all. Star quarterback. Money. Fame. 
He’s being accused of taking performance enhancing drugs and banned from the sport and team he loves.

Determined to prove he’s innocent, he hires tough as nails private investigator, Evie Wolfe. 
She’s able to bring a man to his knees with a glare, yet sensual in ways that take him off guard – and she’s everything Damon didn’t know he needed. 

Evie’s used to men dismissing her, especially playboys like Damon Prescott so she’s not buying the sexual lines he’s trying to sell. She’s with him to do a job, nothing more. But you know what they say about the best laid plans? Sometimes you end up between the sheets with an arrogant football player anyway.

But when the case is over, can Damon convince Evie she’s the only woman for him or will she leave him tied up in love? 

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Meet Carly Phillips

NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestseller, Carly Phillips gives her readers Alphalicious heroes to swoon for and romance to set your heart on fire. 

She married her college sweetheart and lives in Purchase, NY along with her three crazy dogs: two wheaten terriers and a mutant Havanese, who are featured on her Facebook and Instagram. 

The author of 50 romance novels, she has raised two incredible daughters who put up with having a mom as a full time writer. 

Carly’s book, The Bachelor, was chosen by Kelly Ripa as a romance club pick and was the first romance on a nationally televised bookclub. 
Carly loves social media and interacting with her readers. 

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RELEASE BLITZ: Skinny Love by Michelle B.

Title: Skinny Love
Series: Heart #5
Author: Michelle B.
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 3, 2020


Enemies to lovers…? No.
Forbidden Love…? Definitely not us.
Second Chance…? That one’s confusing…just like our relationship.
Soul Mates…? I’m not sure I believe in that stuff. 
Fake Relationship…? Nope. We’re blood, guts, and reality. 
Friends to lovers…? At times… yes.

We’re two different people on two different paths, looking for the same thing. The reality of it all is that one of us needs to fix the broken pieces to mend a hopeless mind and the other needs to view the alternate life that calls in order to finally be able to accept what it really is that they want.

Who is Nikki as a woman?
She is determined, focused, business-oriented, and motivated.

Who is Christopher as a man?
Well, he’s a broken one, but he’s determined to fix the pieces.


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I look at myself in the mirror and smile. I look hot as fuck. This dress, well it’s not a dress but a scrap of strategically placed material. I’ve never seen Sofia wear this dress before and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say C would never allow her out of the house with it on. I’m guessing it was worn, but only for a few minutes before it was lying on the floor at my sister’s feet. 
I open the bathroom door to three sets of eyeballs bulging from the sockets when I step into Sofia’s palatial master bedroom.
“Someone get me an industrial fan.” Sage waves his hand in front of his face.
“You are so getting laid.” Sofia’s animated elation over her choice of a dress cracks me up.
“Holy fuck, can I borrow that next? Luke would salivate over that dress.” 
“Blondie, he salivates over you anyway. Peaches, you are a vision of unadulterated sex. That dress is a shot of Viagra to any limp dick you pass.”
“Is it too much though?” I turn and look in Sofia’s hand carved mirror.
“No.” Sage shakes his head.
“Nope.” Jessica pops the P with exaggeration.
“Hell. No!” Sofia’s voice rises with each word.
“Peaches, too much will never be the case with that dress.”
I sit on the edge of my sister’s bed and slip Jessica’s heels over the soles of my two-day old pedicure. I buckle the strap, wiggle my toes, and stand, presenting myself to the three musketeers waiting to see the full onslaught of this scarlet red, very revealing outfit. 
“Fuck, you’re gorgeous, peaches.”
“Stunning.” Jessica smiles. “I totally have to borrow that dress.”
“If you do, you better get it dry cleaned before bringing it back. I don’t need Luke’s cum stains coming back with it,” Sofia dictates. “And you my sister, are… Sexy. As. Fuck!”
“She’s got that right!” Sage’s eyes bulge with a jerk of his head and pursed lips. “One more thing.” He hurries across the room, knowing exactly what he’s looking for and exactly where it is. “She needs boob shimmer,” he says over his shoulder, then walks back to me welding a big fluffy brush and a jar of pale gold body shimmer. The brush finds my cleavage and collar bones before he lands a big kiss on my cheek. “You are perfect, peaches.”
The four of us fumble down the stairs, me being the last in line. When I hit the tile to the kitchen, the room falls silent. The only sound is a fierce agonized noise thundering through the kitchen and then Colt wails with a hungry cry breaking the tension when he sees his momma.
My gaze goes directly to where the noise came from. Chris is standing there with his arms hanging at his sides. His face is a sheet of stone. I swallow the tension rising in my throat, the knot forming a ball I can’t seem to speak past. 
“Damnnnnn, sil.” 
I smile with a tension-filled twist of my lips.
“Who’s this guy she’s going out with?” Luke questions, looking at Caelan. “I’m gonna have to vet his ass.”
“Already done,” the rumbled words thunder in a low, deep riptide of angry breath from Chris.
Everyone’s head twists in his direction. “You?” Caelan searches his brother’s face. 
Chris doesn’t answer. His focus is one hundred percent on me. A beat passes, then the Chris everyone knows appears. I watch the lie of the man form in his changing eyes and personality. The flicker of shutters slamming closed before the storm claims him. He’s the shell of a man sealing the cracks he almost let break open and crumble, but he quickly covers it up with his jokes. The levity alleviating the heaviness in the room, but not in my mind or my heart. And then… my heart shatters with his crude words. I know Chris. Chris knows I know Chris, inside and out. Whatever comes out of his mouth next is to cover for what he’s feeling. 
“Hey, make sure you practice sandboxing tonight, yea.” Everyone chuckles. “You don’t need that pretty pussy of yours catching something before you let me fuck you again.” 
The laughter extinguishes immediately.
My mouth falls open, to the point I think it becomes unhinged. 
“And from what I know, he’s a pretty decent guy,” he continues without breaking his stride. “I just don’t know his dick size, but I guess we’ll know by tomorrow, won’t we?” He finishes his crude sentence and opens the refrigerator and grabs another beer.
Caelan starts to say something but I shake my head. “Let it go,” I mouth, stepping forward and grabbing the clutch from Sofia’s fisted hand. I throw my phone and gloss in it along with some tissues and take a few steps to the bathroom that’s just off the kitchen. I take a deep breath and let his words go. I give myself a once over and open the door just as angry voices are being hushed.
“You’re a fucking asshole,” Caelan fumes.
The alarm goes off for the security system. All eyes turn to the CCTV in the corner of the kitchen. A limo sits at the gate. Caelan hits the intercom and tells him to come through after hitting the gate release button.
“I think it’s best if I meet him outside.” I smiled at everyone, not feeling one bit of the joy stretched across my face. My stride across my sister’s massive kitchen is quick. Murmurs of goodbyes are said. I wave over my shoulder, not wanting to look back.
“Shit.” I hear the clash of glass breaking inside what sounded like the recyclable trash can. “Nikki, wait up.” 
I keep walking, my eyes are focused on the security camera, watching how far the limo has gotten down the driveway. The interior door to the mud room is within reach. I grab the handle and push it open. Just before closing it, it’s pushed open with force and closed with even more strength, but it doesn’t latch and swings back open.
“I’m fucking sorry.” He twists my figure, jerking me back to look at him.
“It sounds like it. Have a good night, Chris.” I turn and take a step away from him.
A puff of frustrated, released air hits my back. “I’m sorry, sunflower.”
Those are the words that stop me in my tracks. “Why?” I ask, turning back to him, feeling the hurt of his words. 
“I don’t know.” A frustrated hand slides through his hair.
“Yes, you do. You wanted this. I didn’t. You did this. I just made it easier for you, but you changed the path.”
“I’m not good enough for you.” He steps into me.
“You are. The sad and worst part is you don’t believe that you are.” I solemnly gaze up into his regretful eyes.
He closes the door with a careless thud, then pushes me up against the wall, caging me in with his long, lean body. He bends down and ghosts his lips over mine. 
“Don’t go,” he pleads, breathing heavily. The slight edge of panic in his voice.
“Tell me why?” I push.
“Because I don’t want you to.”
“That’s not good enough. Tell me why.”
I already know why.
“It has to be,” he growls with frustration.
“But it’s not.” I push at his chest. “Good night, Chris.” I duck under his arm and make my way out the door to a waiting Jaxson who is being occupied by Caelan. He must have known a train wreck was about to happen and cut Jaxson off by going out the front door.

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Author Bio

Michelle B is a wife of twenty-seven years and a mom of two adult children. Always a movie girl, she never read any kind of books until the summer 2015 when a family member gave her a trilogy to read. Once she was finished with the series, she was hooked. After a year of reading voraciously and pushing away the urge to start writing her own story, she finally decided to take the leap and start putting finger tips to her keyboard. After five months she finished her first novel, Breath With Me. She then gave it to a few handfuls of women to see what their thoughts and feelings were. With overwhelming encouragement and demands, she finished her second novel of the Heart Series, Breathing Together. Michelle B is currently writing the fifth book in the Heart Series called Skinny Love, but that is not it for the Heart Series. There’s a lot more to come for the Elite Eight.

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RELEASE BLITZ: Redemption by Jennifer Bene

Title: Redemption
Series: Fragile Ties #3
Author: Jennifer Bene
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: August 3, 2020


“No one will tear us apart.”

Everything would be easier if he could just tie her up.
Lock her away and keep her safe.
Well… from everyone except him.

But that’s not how love works.

David chose Lianna over his hate. Every part of her.
Love of his life. Heiress to a dangerous crime family.
Prior focus of all his rage and obsession,
and current focus of his… everything.

Her family is the only thing standing in their way.
But family isn’t everything, no matter what they say.
She may share their blood, but those can be fragile ties when put to the test.
In the end, it’s who we choose that matters.

And he will always choose her.

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Praise for Redemption

“This is Jennifer Bene at her best, taking us readers all along for a dark and twisty ride into the light. David and Lianna’s lives crashed together through fate, and their journey from hate to love has been anything but easy. I loved how this final book in the series kept me guessing until the very end. I can’t recommend the Fragile Ties series enough. It’s dark romance at its best.” – Livia Grant, USA Today Bestselling Author

“The perfect ending for David and Lianna. It’s twisty & turny and just when you think you have it figured out you realize you don’t have a clue.” – Katie Reads Reviews
“Could not turn the pages fast enough with this brilliantly sculpted read. David and Lianna earned the very best of endings, and Jennifer Bene delivered exactly that, plus more! An absolutely must read!” – Measha Stone, USA Today Bestselling Author

“David and Lianna reach their happy ending in each other in this emotional roller coaster ride of of a story. With an ending you won’t see coming!” – Jennifer D.

“With soul-tearing emotions and scenes that will take your breath away, this final book in the Fragile Ties series gives us everything we could want for David and Lianna’s story. A perfect ending to a perfect love story!” – Shane Starrett


“Good girl,” he growled, slamming deep as he released her hair, reaching to the side to grab a pillow and shove it under her. “Now bite the fucking pillow before you come and let the whole house know what a naughty girl you really are.”
Lianna moved the pillow, burying her face as she wrapped her arms around it, which made her back curve in the most beautiful way. When he held onto her hips and started to fuck her again, hard and fast, the moans weren’t as muffled by the pillow as she probably thought — but he didn’t really give a shit. He liked hearing her whimper and moan almost as much as he liked listening to her scream and beg. A second later she tensed, her pussy locking down around him, and he had to clench his jaw to fight the urge to come as she cried out into the pillow, her cunt squeezing him in waves.
“Fuck, yes… come for me.” Groaning, he dug his fingers into her hips and yanked her back, driving his cock deeper, fucking her straight through the orgasm. Her muffled pleas and hushed moans just urged him on. Delivering another spank, and another, he growled when she reached back, trying to stop him.
“David! Please, it’s too loud, baby. Please,” she begged, and he smacked her hand away, landing another spank before he grabbed onto her hips again.
“Put your face back in the pillow. Now.” Closing his eyes, he tried to hold back the tension building like an electrical storm in his veins. Everything was narrowing down to the feel of her skin against his, the impossible perfection of her slick heat, the way her body took everything he had to give — and he didn’t want it to end.
Not yet.

Also Available

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$2.99 for a limited time!


Author Bio

Jennifer Bene is a USA Today bestselling author of dangerously sexy and deviously dark romance. From BDSM, to Suspense, Dark Romance, and Thrillers—she writes it all. Always delivering a twisty, spine-tingling journey with the promise of a happily-ever-after.

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You can find her online throughout social media with username @jbeneauthor and on her website:

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Release Blitz: Want You to Want Me by Lorelei James

WYTWM - RB banner

Want You to Want Me, an all new slow burn enemies to lovers standalone from New York Times bestselling author Lorelei James is available now!

wytwm cover

Hockey player Gabriella “Gabi” Welk spent her life in pursuit of championships, but she has little to show for it besides dusty trophies and second-place medals. Now her career consists of several part-time jobs to make ends meet. When Gabi gets a chance at her dream job, she swallows her pride and asks her nemesis—smart, sexy and savvy Nolan Lund—for help.

Since being named future CEO of Lund Industries, Nolan has tried hard to overcome his reputation as a fun-loving playboy and ladies’ man. For the first time ever, he’s more focused on the company than his personal life. He spends his free time at the ice rink his brother owns, cheering on his niece at her hockey games…and watching Gabriella Welk, the superstar athlete and assistant coach who gets under his skin in a way he can’t ignore. He’s shocked when Gabi agrees to trade a favor for a favor.

They have little in common besides their mutual mistrust, but between family crises and sibling rivalries, Nolan and Gabi realize they want to be more than just friends—much more.


Download your copy today! Amazon: Apple Books: Amazon Worldwide: Nook: Kobo: Google Play:

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Lorelei's author pic (1)

Meet Lorelei James Lorelei James is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of steamy westerns in the Rough Riders series and the Blacktop Cowboys® series, steamy romance in the Mastered series, contemporary romance in the Need You series and Want You series, and the New Adult Rough Riders Legacy series, as well as several stand-alone novels and novellas. Lorelei’s books have been nominated for and won the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award as well as the CAPA Award. Lorelei also writes gritty mysteries under the name Lori Armstrong. Both she and her alter ego live in western South Dakota–yes, by choice–with her husband, and Copper, their crazy corgi who has made their empty nest more interesting.

Connect with Lorelei

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New Release Release Blitz

RELEASE BLITZ: Finding Home on Winslow Island by Chrissy Elliot

Title: Finding Home on Winslow Island
Series: Winslow Island #1
Author: Chrissy Elliot
Genre: Sweet Small-Town Romance
Release Date: July 31, 2020


Join the residents of Winslow Island for a fun-filled, opposites-attract, sweet romance – full of piggyback rides and scrumptious baked goods.

It might be Winslow Island’s annual Matchmaking Festival, but Tessa has more important things to worry about, like how to keep her mother’s bed and breakfast in business.

Parker’s life is as precise and planned as the surgeries he performs. He’s on track for a career-making promotion – if he can improve his bedside manner.

When his mother plans a family celebration for the same weekend as the Matchmaking Festival, Parker suspects he’s in for a series of sneaky setups. But with his promotion fast approaching, he has no time for distractions – until Tessa crashes into him in a shower of glitter, wreaking havoc with his plans and his heart.

With a temper as fiery as her red hair, she’s a distraction too tempting to ignore.

Tessa is determined to resist Parker’s charms – even if his smile makes her toes curl. He’s only on the island for five days, and she won’t risk a broken heart. But with the festival in full swing, resisting Parker is proving harder than she expected, especially when he becomes the key to saving her mother’s business.

Can Parker convince Tessa that he’s worth taking a chance on, or will his career-focused heart drive them further apart?

Whether you are fans of the Gilmore Girls or the Golden Girls, you’ll fall in love with Winslow Island.


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Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

Chrissy Elliot graduated from the University of Wollongong, Australia, with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and more books than she could count.

After growing up on the South Coast’s sandy shores, she jumped on a plane and settled in the lush green wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Her new backyard inspired a life long dream to put pen to paper, and Winslow Island was born.

When she’s not scribbling sweet stories full of witty characters and mischievous matchmakers, Chrissy is navigating life as an expat, explaining what fairy floss is and trying to remember that orange-flavored chocolate is not a food group.

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New Release Release Blitz


From USA Today bestselling author Prescott Lane comes a standalone second-chance romance between a Hollywood heartthrob and the small-town girl he left behind…

Knox by Prescott Lane is now live! 

Sexiest man alive, scene stealer, Hollywood headliner.

That’s what the world calls him. I’ve got more colorful names for him, all of which would be bleeped out if I was on air doing my radio show. Even if he hadn’t broken my heart, he would just be Knox to me. Not a famous movie star.

Just a boy.

The boy who grew to be my first love.

That is, until he ripped my heart out of my chest and stepped on it, live on the red carpet.

I thought that was all behind me. Until he decided to come waltzing back into my life. Granted, he looked hot as heck doing it, but that’s neither here nor there.

He may have acted alongside some of Hollywood’s hottest “it” girls, but being my leading man is a much harder part to win.

  Download today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

 Amazon US:

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Meet Prescott

Prescott Lane is the USA TODAY best-selling author of ALL MY LIFE. She’s written several other romance books with strong heroines and swoon-worthy heroes. She is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, and holds a degree in sociology and an MSW from Tulane University. She married her college sweetheart, and they currently live in New Orleans with their two children and two crazy dogs. Prescott started writing at the age of five, and sold her first story about a talking turtle to her father for a quarter. She later turned to writing romance novels because there aren’t enough happily ever afters in real life. 

Connect with Prescott





Facebook Group:






New Release Release Blitz

RELEASE BLITZ: Axle by Mandy Harbin

Title: Axle
Series: The Bang Shift #5
Author: Mandy Harbin
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 28, 2020
on a mission, but so is he…
When a
reporter seeks access outside the wire, Axle Landry isn’t happy when he’s
pulled from his SEAL team and assigned to the babysitting op. Discovering those
Bang Shift guys are behind it has him planning his payback. That’ll have to
wait until this mess is over. He has his orders. Keep her safe, and keep his
mouth shut. Should be easy enough. But the longer this smart, beautiful woman
is in danger, the harder it is for him to remain objective. She poses risks…to
his career, his life, and his heart.
Cooper never should’ve said anything to her friends about going on this
assignment. She knows the hazards of reporting in a war zone and doesn’t need
some brooding brute bossing her around. But that’s exactly what she got. Axle
is constantly grumpy, and worse—he’s ridiculously gorgeous. This assignment
would be a lot easier without him watching her every move. Falling in love with
him, though, makes everything a lot more complicated.
secrets, shattered dreams, broken hearts…small town connections aren’t always a
good thing.
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Free in Kindle Unlimited
A door
slammed, and he rose. Was she going to try to sneak away? They were on a base
for Christ’s sake. He grabbed the shirt he’d discarded and took a step toward
the door, but it flew open before he reached it.
He almost
winced at the anger rolling off her. Damn, but if she wasn’t the most beautiful
woman he’d ever laid eyes on. Even angry. There was just something about this
And he
hated himself for thinking of her like that. Yes, he was a straight, virile
man, but he was also a special operator in the military who knew how to keep
his dick in his pants, even if his cock refused his orders, too.
“I got your
favor right here.”
She yanked
her arm back and swung in his direction. He didn’t see what she had in her
hand, but he deflected whatever it was she threw at him. She yelled as she
charged. Pissed off women weren’t part of his combat training, but his skills
kicked in anyway. He grabbed her arm and spun her around, holding her by her
midsection against his body. She kicked out, her foot connecting with the door,
making it slam so hard the walls shook. She gasped out in sound of pain, and he
barely had time to notice her shoes were off because the infuriated woman had
managed to gain enough force when she connected with the door that he lost his
footing. Axle tripped over his boots, and he landed on his back on the bed,
still holding her to him. She flailed, but he refused to lessen his grip.
“I hate
All right,
then. He twisted to his side and managed to turn her so that her back was on
the mattress, and he rolled on top of her. He grabbed her arms and pinned them
above her head.
growled, and he slapped his halfway free hand over her mouth. It wasn’t really
the best position to be in, her beneath him, writhing, but damn. What choice
did he have? “Would you calm down?” he said through his teeth. Her movements
were making him stir until he became excruciatingly hard.
She slowed,
but her breath sawed in and out of her body, forcing her breasts to mash
against him. Jesus, he did not need to be thinking about her body when she was
pinned beneath him.
On a bed.
While he
lost yet another battle with his wayward dick.
several agonizing seconds, she completely relaxed, and he chanced moving his
hand. When she didn’t scream, he pulled it away to prop himself up a little higher,
creating some space between their heaving bodies. Though his hadn’t been
because of exertion.
At least
not yet.
No. He had to focus here. He looked to the side,
willing his mind to work, and saw the object she’d hurled at him.
“If you get
this pissed when you run out of ink, I’d hate to see how you handle road rage.”
She glared
“When I
told you it was a weapon, I didn’t think you’d try using it on me.”
nothing. And he was glad her hands were secured far away from his gun.
He sighed,
dropping his forehead on top of hers, losing the hardest battle of his
life—resisting her. “I’m sorry,” he breathed. “I was a jerk.”
The seconds
ticked by, and somehow, he found himself closer to her. He was strong enough to
hold himself up, but the strength currently in control wasn’t led by his
external abilities, overriding the power in his arms. And he’d quickly learned
that he had no mental or emotional control when it came to this woman. It was
some other force within calling the shots.
been a jerk since I got here,” she said, but there wasn’t any fire in her
He had his
eyes closed. A last-ditch effort to put some distance between them. He knew if
he opened them now, he would be a goner.
“You drive
me insane, baby.”
Her breath
bathed his face, and his mouth dropped closer to inhale the luscious scent that
was her. All her. He shouldn’t be doing this. He should not be holding her down
on his bed. He knew this. He fucking knew
He couldn’t
move away. Every time he shifted, thinking he was creating space, he was
drawing nearer to her.
“Axle,” she
breathed. His name leaving her mouth caused her lips to brush against his. That was how close they’d gotten.
And it
wasn’t close enough.
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Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
Harbin is a USA Today Bestselling author who loves creating
stories that explore the complexities of everyday relationships…with some
kissing thrown in. She is a Superstar Award recipient, Reader’s Crown and Passionate
Plume finalist, and has achieved Night Owl Reviews Top Pick distinction many
times. She also writes young adult romance as M.W. Muse because teens like
kissing, too.
graduating college and working many years in technology, she threw caution to
the wind and began studying writing at the UALR. Years of trashed manuscripts
and rejections eventually led to contracts and representation. With over thirty
books published, she now serves on the board of her local writing chapter.
Mandy lives
in a small, Arkansas town with her husband and their bossy dog, enjoying her
own happily ever after…with some kissing thrown in.
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RELEASE BLITZ: Mistress by Cole Denton

Title: Mistress
Series: Club Oxygen #3
Author: Cole Denton
Genre: Dark Romance with BDSM
Release Date: July 28, 2020
“Fire ends up consuming everything we hold dear.” Those were the
last words I spoke to my beautiful Plaything the night I tore his heart
I had no idea how right I was. 
With those words and ensuing actions, I burned the last ounce of
humanity I had left. I burned my second chance. And most unforgivable, I burned
out the loving light in the eyes of someone dearer to me than I realized. 
Am I redeemable?

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Author Bio
Cole Denton is an ocean lover who finds joy in almost all physical
activities. He is especially passionate about baseball and surfing, indulging
in them every chance he gets.
His other passion is writing. It began at a young age and followed him
through to his time at a university in SoCal where he majored in
After moving to Sin City itself, Cole has put his knowledge and talent as
a writer to work by pursuing a career as a dark fiction author. Cole is
enjoying testing his kinky side, in pursuit of all things pleasurable.
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